Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage

The Lomi Lomi Massage in Gurgaon that Good Massage Parlour Provides is basically a Hawaiian medicine used in the ancient times but the first person to teach the non-hawaiins of this massage is Aunt Maggie Machado. This is an amazing form of massage where the therapists focus mainly on love and affection. Our massage therapists are the best providers of the lomi lomi massage because their form of massaging is always filled with love and soft touch.

Expectations People Have From Us

Unlike all other types of massage therapies, the clients are asked to keep a major portion of their body uncovered during the session only keeping the breast and the genital area covered with a towel. Our therapists use the gentle strokes in massaging two different parts of the body at the same time. We follow all the traditional views that are associated with this massage session i.e. our therapists focus on the abdominal part of the clients which is supposed to be a person’s heart.

The only dissimilarity in massing strokes that clients get between the Swedish and the lomi lomi massage is the affectionate touch of the service provider which we excel in. The tender oil stretches and the joint circulation given by our staffs with the help of their forearms give our clients the heavenly feel and thus we provide the best Lomi Lomi Massage In Gurgaon.

The Benefits Of Taking This Massage

The Varying styles of the Hawaii originating Polynesian treatment have many health benefits as well as beauty benefits. A wide range of physical discomforts and ailments are cured after taking this massage.

Let us understand the uses of this massage session before undergoing one.
  • This massage mainly includes the use of medicinal planst and various breathe exercises during the session which helps the clients from any respiratory problems.
  • The smooth and slow strokes that are used in this massage therapy increases flexibility in body and thereby help in improving the body posture.
  • Taking this massage can help in lowering the heart rate and also reduces high blood pressure.
  • The affectionate strokes that are associated with the massage are great for building a strong immune system.
  • Clients who have been suffering from stress and emotional blockages from a long time have seen noticeable changes within one month after undertaking this massage session.

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